Letter of Love & Gratitude to my happy place – Books

After a lovely 1st day where we got to read some amazing letters of love , today is 2nd day of five day ‘LOL-a-thon’ organised by ‘The Momsteins’. Join us to read some wonderful letters written by 26 cool bloggers. Stay around to read some amazing letters coming up.

Today’s prompt is letter of love to inanimate object.

While glancing through various inanimate objects on which I could write, I came across my mobile, my laptop, my precious makeupkit but my thoughts wandered for something else…what else and suddenly I started missing you..I could see you nowhere near me..I opened my shelf, and there you were, waiting for me.

So here is my Letter of Love & Gratitude to my happy place – Books

Dear Favorite Thing,


I miss you terribly! Of late we have not been able to spend much time or almost no time together, but that does not mean I have forgotten you, just busy with new responsibilities that life showered on me. But hey, I will soon plan sometime together. what about a date night unlike old times? Oh just kidding..that’s a distant dream now.

As you know I am crazy for you since childhood. Through this letter I want to tell you how much I love you and express my gratitude for constant motivation and support you gave me throughout life.

In my childhood, every year at start of new academic session, I used to get you in new form and new cover. Fascinated by how lovely you look, as I wanted to finish you off as soon as possible, Crazy me!!. The more time I spent with you, more I fell for your charisma. You amazed me in every sense with your personality, your wisdom, your facts, your character. I remember mumma papa scolding me for spending so much time with you, but I would not leave you alone.

As the time passed and I grew up, you became my best friend. A friend, I trusted without any doubt.  In my growing years, you helped me to grow as a person affecting my personal and professional decisions. I thank you for all you taught me which gave direction to my life.


Thank you introducing me to world of Law. A world which is very fast, ever evolving and more you read, more you want to read. I hope this process of learning and our companionship be lifelong.

Its through you I have traveled to places I have never been to. Places where everything seemed so beautiful and real (sometimes impossible or unreal). I have seen myself wandering on streets of Florence, Italy or Istanbul.. thank you for giving me feeling of being there. I have seen myself randomly walking with Robert Langdon on streets of Florence or romancing Rhett Butler through you. Thank you for introducing these wonderful persons to me.

Through you, I got to mingle and pick the brains of some of my favorite people whom I may never meet in person. Thank you for this!

On those dark nights when my life seemed empty and shallow, you gave me much needed comfort and solace. Thank you for making me feel optimistically, breathlessly, persistently alive.

At last, thank you keeping my Soul alive and I would return to you for wisdom and inspiration again and again.

I Love you for what you mean to me. There is nothing like having you in hand and my eyes glued on you. Lots to catch up between us and trust me this shall be happening soon..Till then, I miss you!


Yours Aashi

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