7 features you should check before buying a Stroller

A stroller is a must have piece of baby gear for new parents and it’s kind of three-year investment.It’s needed right from the birth and can be used until baby becomes proficient in walking without any supervision or you can say up to 3 years. There so many variants of strollers available these days and they offer a multitude of features which should be considered before you can finalize the right one for your baby and family (user).

I am listing a 7 important features, you should take in consideration while buying a stroller.

1. Purpose

Are you going to use stroller for regular walks or park visit or just for use during shopping outings or outdoors? For later, you can take umbrella stroller which is more compact and lightweight. For regular use, you may need something which is more sturdy and standard stroller which is large in size but loaded with features is ideal in that case.

2. Safety

 Safety first!

One of the most significant factors to consider while buying a stroller is safety. Check for safety features like five -point restraint, foot brakes which ensure child safety. Do give it a try before buying if you can, unless you are buying it online. In later case do checkout detailed specifications and also read verified buyers reviews.

3. Easy to Maneuver:

A good stroller should be easy to steer and maneuver without much efforts and normal push. You should be comfortable to steer the stroller with your normal stride. Also, it should be easy to move into tight and congested spaces, so look for wheels that swivel.

4. Storage

When you leave home with your baby, you are not leaving alone, you carry so many things along with you like a diaper bag, purse, house keys etc and they are difficult to manage along with a stroller and baby. A stroller with good storage space provides a basket underneath where you can also put some of your shopping items if needed. Also, some space for keeping keys and phones besides a cup holder would be nice to have. My stroller turns into a shopping cart when baby refuses to sit in it!

5. Canopy

An adjustable canopy is a necessary feature to protect baby from sun or even rain.

6. Seating position

If you are buying a stroller immediately after birth, go for a stroller which offers three types of seating position, so it can be used for a longer period. For newborn sleeping position is ideal as they are not able to hold their head, reclining and seating position for ideal for toddlers. Also, do check how wide is the seating, keeping in my mind requirement for your baby and whether the seat is adequately padded. A stroller that can also be used as the car seat is the best choice, invest in a travel system if your budget allows you to do that.

7. The weight of the stroller and one hand fold feature

Do check the weight of the stroller and whether it offers one hand fold feature, so it can be stored conveniently in the back of your car. Don’t invest in a bulky stroller as they are quite difficult to steer/ Lightweight umbrella strollers are ideal for travelling, while standard strollers which offers many features on little heavier side but these days they are also coming in weight range of 9-11kgs which is reasonable and easy to use.



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