How to make your baby first photo shoot successful and memorable

Getting infant/newborn professional photography for your babies is popular and well known concept in western countries and gaining popularity these days in India as well. I love the concept of infant/newborn photography and specially good for those parents who don’t have time to take out their digital cameras and click their baby or for those who don’t possess those extra ordinary photography skills. Getting numerous pictures through mobile camera is easy but we sure want to capture some candid beautiful shot to be treasured lifelong.

I fall in both the categories so I decided to get Candy’s professional baby shoot done when he was 8 month old and another shoot I did at home with a professional photographer when he was 9 Months old. I really wanted this shoot to happen at his initial months when he was 5-6 months old but due to one reason or other it got postponed but then I had two fantabulous back to back photography sessions for candy and looking into the pictures I got, I am so glad that I get that done.

However, getting your baby ready for a photo shoot is not a cakewalk. It’s an enormous task to make your baby look into the camera when he wants to look everywhere else but camera, when he refuse to smile when you start clicking pictures, when all you get  after an hour of trying some is blurred pictures.

Based on my experience, I am sharing few of the tips which can help you to get the perfect photo shoot of your little one either for professional or at home shoot:

  1. Decide the age for the shoot

Newborn photography is magical. Tiny babies posing for the cameras look out of world and divine. If you are keen for the newborn baby shoot it would be best to book in advance depending on your delivery date. New born shoots are best done in first month of baby and even better in first 15 days of their birth.

If you have missed your baby newborn photoshoot, no worries, you can plan to photograph babies at 5-6 months, because they are so smiley and interactive at that age. You can get the advantage of the fact that they can be kept still at this age so getting pictures would be easy


2. Choosing the right Photographer

I feel that’s the most important aspect for a successful baby Shoot. Before your zero down to photographer, visit their website to have a look at their work and read their client’s testimonials as handling small babies can be tricky and unless you hire an experienced and baby friendly photographer, getting good candid captures might not be easy. Also consider, if they have props or theme based photography available as they make for great photography ideas.


photographer: Mint & Peach Photography, Mumbai Theme : all about me

3.      Location

Newborn shoots are best done indoors or at home as at many places babies are not allowed out of home till 40 days after the Birth. Infant shoot can be done indoor or outdoor. You can decide this based on the weather at the time of shoot and also consider if your baby is conformable indoors or outdoors. Don’t go for a home shoot if your home is too stuffed with things or does not have much empty space for photography.

4.      Pre-plan your shoot

Pre-plan your entire shoot right from the theme of the shoot to clothes to timing of the shoot.  Connect with your photographer to discuss the theme and clothes color which will look better with the theme you have chosen. If you are getting family pictures also which is a must, go for color coordinated or twinning outfits. Keep a spare outfit for your baby, if they spoil the photo shoot outfit as you can never predict with babies.


photographer: Mint & Peach Photography, Mumbai Theme : Little reader

5. Consider comfort of the babies 

As a parent our inclination is always to dress sons and daughters up in the cutest outfits and accessories. Those bowties, hairbands and tutus skirt, however, just might not be comfortable or practical for your baby. 

Choose a comfort clothing for you baby also depending on the weather conditions you are photographing your baby. Keep the baby comfy and a lot of smiles are bound to happen!

6. Choose babies happy time for the shoot

The timing of the photo shoot is very important for it to be successful. Choose a happy time of your babies as the time of the shoot. A photo session during typical naptime or mealtime will hardly ever work. Place a full-bellied and well-rested child in front of the camera and your chances of a successful session greatly increase!


photographer: Mint & Peach Photography, Mumbai Theme : Nautical

Lastly !

7.      Stop stressing

Babies will be babies and for one hour just let them be. Don’t get frustrated if they are not cooperative for the shoot, just relax and enjoy with them Once the parents let go of the stress, the babies tend to relax too.


photographer: Deep Mota Photography, Mumbai 

Hope these tips help you for a Happy and successful baby Shoot !








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