Review -Soulslings-Full Buckle Soft Structured Carrier (Soul Natura-Standard)

Baby wearing has become a trending phenomenon these days. Though an age old concept, this has now caught fancy of people eyes in recent years  due to comfort it offers and has become immensely popular over the world, India is no exception.

I own two baby carriers one from Chicoo other from Mothercare. We bought them when candy was 3 months old as I travel a lot for office work and baby wearing is very helpful while travelling alone as it keeps you sane when pram or stroller fails to offer any help. Though they are helpful, I always found candy little uncomfortable and reluctant to be worn in them.

I came across Soulslings through their Instagram page. After reading the wonderful reviews,  I had an urge to buy their product but with one roadblock what if candy is not comfortable in this too!

Recently I received a Full Buckle Soft Structured Carrier “Soul Natura” (standard) from Soulslings India as part of their Travelling carrier program and after using this for a week here is my review.


Soulsling is a family-run baby carrier company from Bangalore, India, Soul believes that babywearing can make the world happier, that babywearing has a domino effect. It creates independent, healthy, secure, loving and sensitive people, who then go on to spread these virtues to the next generation.

The Soul Slings full buckle carrier” Soul Natura”  is an SSC (soft structured carrier) made from soft cotton fabric.

Below is my review of this SSC:

  1. Fabric

Soul Full Buckle SSC is extremely lightweight and madeup of 100% woven cotton fabric. The material is breathable and very comfortable for babies. Being made up of cotton fabric, it goes well in every season especially in humid weather of Mumbai it’s a blessing. Being lightweight its gets easily fit in your handbag too which is another winning point.


  1. Super easy to wear

One of the biggest problem I found with other baby carriers is complexity to wear them. With so many buckles and straps to be adjusted I often feel lost how to wear them. It almost feels like a rocket science to me.

Soulsling SCC full buckle carrier is so easy to wear. You need to just fix straps and a waistband and you are done! I was able to wear it on my own without any help looking into their online Demo for the first time. The buckles and straps are sturdy, strong and comfortable to shoulders.


  1. Comfort

The foremost thing which I see while choosing anything for Candy is that he should be comfortable. To my surprise, Soulsling carrier is the first thing he accepted without a fuss, like really. He was happy and comfortable being carried around in Soul carrier.  I used it for my evening walk, shopping outings, doctor visits, Daily chores and he was so comfortable and happy all these time

The padding of this carrier is very light if you compare with other baby carrier like chicoo or mothercare so there is no extra heat to baby that’s a real plus. It distributes the weight of the baby evenly on your own body and can be worn in front and back carries. Candy felt so comfy in them that he slept in no time after vaccination, Sleepy dust they really are!


  1. Travel friendly

Candy is not a pram friendly baby and even if we take strollers during our shopping outings, we end up carrying him in our arms for hours. Soulsling carrier worked as a life savior in our shopping outings. Also, when you travel in auto babywearing is the best option as stroller don’t fit in autos. Being of the compact size they easily fit into your diaper bags too!

  1. Can be customised for breastfeeding

Being a work from home mom I always look for time saving in daily chores and attending candy. The carrier can be used for breastfeeding on the go. So, while I did my daily chores he was nursing happily in the carrier, saved a lot of time for me.

  1. PRICE

This carrier is reasonably priced at Rs. 5750 /- Which is value for money taking into consideration above points

Why I would suggest to buy Soulsling Full Buckle SCC:

  • Its made of cotton material while most other carriers like chicco, babyhug, mothercare (which I have used) and available in departmental stores are made of non cotton material which babies don’t find comfortable most of the time.
  • They are easy to be worn and can be worn without any help, so best for a solo outing. Helped me a lot during my solo outings with doctors and shopping, and I managed him very well alone, thanks to this carrier.
  • They are compact and sturdy at the same time. Fits easily into bags.
  • They keep your hands free while you carry baby. You can also do other work on the go, multitasking!.
  • You get variety of color combination and prints to choose to match your style quotient unlike monotonous baby carrier available in market. They keep coming with new patterns and colors and honestly, I love them all!
  • Last but most important Candy loved it and yeah, I Loved it too!

For all the mommies or to be mommies who are looking to buy a good baby carrier, Soul is the best and most apt option for all the above reasons.

Do check out their website and you can find a variety of carriers in bright, soothing colors and prints that you just can’t be satisfied in one! Check their website for a variety of Ring Slings, Full buckle, Annona, Onbuhimo, Wraps and SSSC and you can thank me later!

So what are you waiting for,  head to their website now and choose your favorite!




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