Letter to my Younger Self- Learn to be Happy!


Dear Younger Self,

To begin with, you are leading a wonderful life and I will not provide you many spoilers just that your life is going to be a roller-coaster ride with its share of ups and downs. In coming years of your life, you will see many things which you can’t even imagine right now.

You have begun your corporate career and at the age of 28 you are doing pretty awesome. I will suggest you to don’t work too hard and take a breather every now and again don’t feel guilty about it.  Give your best to everything you do and don’t worry about criticisms, be open to criticism and learn from criticism too, that happens all the time in corporate world, right?. There is something to learn from every experience, be it good or bad what matters is that how you let that experience shape up your life.

Be more compassionate of your Loved ones. Don’t shout at your Mom when she is late in packing your office lunch. She only has two hands like you and she does pretty much everything at home. Well, let time tell you itself, you will realize it sooner!. Listen to your dad advises be it your marriage or finances. Listening won’t harm you right?

Eat healthy!. I know your work and travel takes up most of your time, but eating is also important as much as work. Staying healthy will help you to focus on these things better. Success should not come at the cost of your own health and you will realize it soon.

Give a break to your shopping habit! Don’t buy so many stuff to wear them only for a day! From the same money you can do something much useful, may be some investment which can fuel you travel plans in future. Spend wisely!

Don’t Cry. It’s not good to cry on anything and everything on this earth and you think you succeed in making everyone fool by saying your eyes are looking puffy as you are not wearing “Kohl”. Please, people are not so dumb as you think them to be. Be happy and enjoy your life, bad phase will pass soon!

Enjoy your life and Marriage thing can wait. I know you are tired of rejecting (mercilessly) marriage proposals which dad brings every now and then. Do not allow yourself to get dragged into something you are not comfortable with. Wait for something which both heart and mind allows and who knows you may get your dream man someday. (Spoiler-Start dating someone may be your best friend!).

Lastly, please remember you’re owner of your own happiness, and that the things you think are earth shatteringly important usually aren’t, so please give your mind some rest. Stop waking up till 3 a.m and cherish sleep (who knows in future all you will long for is “SOME SLEEP)

Learn to enjoy life and life will give its best to you one day!

Your Loving

Present Self

This Blog is a part of the Letters of Love Blogathon aka ‘LOL-a-thon’ organised by ‘The Momsteins’. Stay around to read some wonderful letters by 25 awesome bloggers. This letter is based on the Fourth prompt of the Blogathon which is -‘ A Letter To Younger Self/Future Self’.

I would like to thank Charu for introducing me in this chain. Do read her wonderful post on her blog http://www.themomsagas.com.

I would like to introduce my fellow blogger Archna. Do read her wonderful post on her blog http://www.theindianparentingblog.wordpress.com


6 thoughts on “Letter to my Younger Self- Learn to be Happy!”

  1. thats a really sweet letter, especially the part about respecting your mom’s efforts and your dad’s advice. But i truly think it is a good habit to cry, cry as much as you want. it always makes you lighter, no?


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