Letter to my son – To Treat Women with Respect

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Today’s prompt is Letter to Parents/ In-Laws/Kids.

Letter to my Son


My Darling Candy

Here is my first letter to you! You are growing up so fast and I can’t believe Its been six wonderful month alreday! You are my world and I love you to the infinity!. First of all, Thanks for choosing me to be your mumma, the last 15 months (9 months in 6 months out) are truly a blessing for me and every single moment spent with you is so precious. As you are growing up, I hope to give you best of upbringing and make you a good and compassionate human being

Your father knows, I always wanted a daughter (Your dad blamed me for gender discrimination all the time for this). I was so obsessed with thought of having a daughter that I did not even thought of boys name until last week before my delivery. You will be amused to know Candy is the nick name I choose for my would be daughter and when you were born I was so attached to this name that I could call you anything but Candy. I know when you grow up you might feel it sound little girly type, but it has all our love. Well, this does not mean when you were born I was disappointed, No.. Absolutely not, I was head over heels in love with you at the very first sight.

Though, you are very little to comprehend what all I am going to write in this letter, but on an appropriate day when you are all grown up to understand this letter, I hope you will appreciate contents of this letter and act on them. This letter sums up what all I hope you to be when it comes to respecting women.

Other day I read a news which gave me shivers down the spine. An eight-month-old gal was raped by her own cousin and was struggling for her life. Appalled by the news, I was in state of shock and disbelief. Then I saw you and I thanked my stars that I did not have a daughter as I am a very emotionally vulnerable person and also over protective. Hours later, I kept thinking about the news and how the little girl parents must be feeling and what kind of society we are becoming where a girl is not safe even in her own home. Then, I realized what if I don’t have a daughter, being mother of a son, I have a greater responsibility on my shoulders now towards Society. A responsibility to raise you my son as a man who respect women and treat them with dignity and respect.

I hope I raise you to be a nice and compassionate human being, kind of men that every woman dreams to meet, who treat women with respect and with kindness. How you treat women will reflect on how I raised you. Well, in short, I expect you to be like you father who always treats women with much needed respect and dignity.

You will never fully understand what it is like to grow up a girl, but you must remember that it is very different. Being a girl is a biggest blessing (I truly belief that) but sometimes its biggest threat as well. I remember when I was studying Law and my law classes were held late evening at Delhi university and how your maternal grand-parents used to worry like anything till I reached home safely. Though I fully understood their concern, but why they should be worried? Why can’t a girl be allowed to roam freely like a boy? We should create a world where a girl feels protected and comfortable all the time and not suffocated and in danger. I hope you will do your best to make a world a better place for them, your little contribution will matter a lot and influence others to be like that

Dear Son, we should not tell our daughter or sisters what to wear and what not, where to go, what time to go to be safe, instead we should all grow our sons to be a man who treats women with respect and dignity. Also, we should not judge a girl based on clothes she wears, choices she makes in life, unlike you she also has rights to make choices in life, be it anything.

Though, God has created both men and women to be equal, I will expect you to treat them superior to you be it your sister, friend, girl friend or colleague. They are the creator of life, they nurture it and they have been empowered by god to do all what a man can never comprehend to do.  Also, they are equally capable of doing what all you can do be it studies, sports or anything. You should respect them for being able to play so many roles and with so much of love, grace and selflessness.

You will grow and probably be in a relationship in future. I hope I never raise you to be the reason a girl stops believing in love or a girl feels used. I hope I raise you to be someone who respects a girl’s emotional venerability and character.

I hope you will always remember these things as you grow up, because I want to always be proud of having a son like you who respects women. Be a nice Human being first and all the good things will follow for sure!

Make good choices in life!

Your Loving Mumma

I would like to thank Chaitali Das for introducing me. You can read her post here chaitalismusings.com

I would also like to introduce my fellow blogger Neha Gupta Mittal, you can read her wonderful post on the prompt here http://www.blogbynehamittal.com


7 thoughts on “Letter to my son – To Treat Women with Respect”

  1. Such a wonderful read this was.
    And I relate so well to how u felt no disappointment but only love when u saw that u had a son when u wanted a daughter.
    It was exactly same for me as well 🤗


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