If you are looking an organic way to live, organic food and clothing are cool way to start the change in your lifestyle. Choosing organic means, you are making a conscious choice of buying goods that are made using sustainable practices and giving that your one cent towards the sustainability of our Planet.

There are many brands in market today which offers organic clothing for kids. After a lot of research and trials, I have finally zeroed down a brand which has become my favorite and go to organic clothing brand. That is BERRYTREE INDIA.

For the readers who are new to my blog, here is a brief introduction of this brand. You can also read my previous blog which gives more details about this brand and organic clothing.

About Berry tree India

BerryTree is a kids clothing brand which truly belief in the ‘Organic Way of Life’. This belief led them to look for the best available Organic Cotton fabrics, which they transform into garments. They produce award-winning products that are worn and adorned by young citizens of the world proudly. Their aim is to brighten the prospects of ‘Organic Cotton’ kids wear in India and make organic clothing a way of life.

All their products are Incredibly soft and comfortable for baby’s tender skin besides chic, trendy and stylish. They offer wide range of clothing options at very reasonable and affordable price for our young hearts. Their collection includes T shirts, Polo T shirts, Sweat-Shirts, Rompers, Onesies, Pants, Night suits and more, for kids aged 0-8 years.

Recently, they send this lovely Polo T shirt for candy and I am sharing my honest review about this product today with you all.


Material: Being made of 100% Organic cotton, Material is USP of this product. You can feel the difference by just one touch of the garment. Its ultra – soft and perfect for baby’s sensitive skin.

Design: Polo T shirt are my favorites for candy as they have a different charm altogether and go well on any occasion. I loved the contrast of Blue and dark green.  

Bright colour and cool pattern gives a vintage style to this T shirt that your little superhero will love for sure.

Comfort: The absence of zips and tags offers irritation-free comfort and ease of wear much needed for babies and toddlers. The fit is very perfect.

Durability: Being made of organic cotton, Its free of harsh chemical, bleaches and dyes which makes it more durable and more worthy of investment. The colors were intact even after 2-3 wash and they did not fade out.

Pricing : Rs. 999. I find pricing to be very reasonable as compared to other brands, I use for Candy, given the quality of the product.

My Rating : A perfect 5 star for quality , comfort and design. If you are looking to buy organic clothing for your kids, you must check out this brand and I bet, you will love their product quality and will become there loyal customers in no time. This brand undoubtedly is best organic cotton kids wear in India.

Availability : You can shop their collection from or visit their Instagram Handle @berrytree or call or write to them on / +91 7042845500.



Best sustainable clothing brand in India you should know about!

Sustainable clothing, Organic cotton, you must have heard these words trending these days on social media, newspapers and almost everywhere. I am sure you must have thought at times, why organic cotton, what actually is organic cotton, why we should make a switch from conventional cotton clothing to organic cotton clothing, why the best brands in India are consciously making a switch towards organic clothing. Today with this blog, I will throw some light on what actually is Organic cotton and its immense benefits and also introduce you to best sustainable clothing brand in India you should know about!

What is Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is cotton which has been grown using organic means i.e. without use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides unlike conventional cotton in which plethora of chemical fertilizer, insecticides /pesticides are used extensively.

You may find this fact shocking, but in India, Cotton cultivated on 5% cultivable land consumes more than 50% of total pesticides used in Indian agriculture, as cotton crop is more prone to pests and insects. Such extensive use of chemicals causes serious damage to environment and affects soil fertility. All this has encouraged the demand of organically cultivated cotton which is “Organic Cotton”

Now let’s see what are the benefits of using organic cotton:

  • Best for Skin

Organic and eco-friendly clothing is best for skin specially babies tender and sensitive skin. As baby’s skin is quite gentle, they are more prone to allergies, rashes and use of organic cotton in clothing ensures fewer or no allergies, being chemical free and hypoallergenic. The clothes made of organic cotton are softer, smells chemical free and lasts longer than one made of conventional cotton.

  • Lesser production cost  

Costs of producing organic cotton is much lesser than conventional cotton, which ultimately passes to consumers in terms of final price.

  • Beneficial to farmers

Organic cotton cultivation ensures healthy life for the farmers and their families as they are less exposed to chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

  • Better environment sustainability

Organic cotton promotes and protects environment sustainability, as it is grown using organic farming methods and with no use of any sort of chemicals. Organic cotton helps to improve land quality, conserve and maintain Bio-diversity, maintains Soil fertility and also to prevent water contamination.

With so many benefits of using Organic cotton, one should not think before making a conscious switch to organic clothing.  Now, let me introduce you to a brand “BERRYTREE” which is the Best sustainable clothing brand in India, I have come across.

BerryTree is a kids clothing brand which truly belief in the ‘Organic Way of Life’ . This belief led them to look for the best available Organic Cotton fabrics, which they transform into garments. They produce award-winning products that are worn and adorned by young citizens of the world proudly. Their aim is to brighten the prospects of ‘Organic Cotton’ kids wear in India and make organic clothing a way of life.

All their products are Incredibly soft and comfortable for baby’s tender skin besides chic, trendy and stylish. They offer wide range of clothing options at very reasonable and affordable price for our young hearts. Their collection include, T shirts, Polo T shirts, Sweat-Shirts, Rompers, Onesies, Pants, Night suits and more, for kids aged 0-8 years.

You can shop their collection from or visit their Instagram Handle @berrytree or call or write to them on / +91 7042845500.

Tinyspoons Organic Food Puree- Healthy option for your baby!!


One of the first question that comes in your mind when you hear word organic is what actually is “organic” and why should we prefer it over non organic food.  In a layman’s language, Organic food is grown with help of natural fertilizers and without use of any form of pesticides.

Choosing organic food is one of the best choice we can make for our kids. Choosing organic food reduces the risk of exposure to toxic pesticides in our diet specially kids as their metabolism and immunity is still developing.

Recently, we  tried Tiny Spoons organic food puree and it has become our favorite in no time. Lets see the unique features of this product and a little insight into product specifications.


Tiny Spoons offers organic fruits and vegetable purees for which are  made up with organic fruits, handpicked with love from the farms of Europe.


Only a parent can understand the concern of another parent!. The mind behind this innovative product is of loving parent “Dharmesh and Manisha” who are chartered accountants by profession and one of most interesting fact I came to know and admire about this inspirational couple is that Dharmesh quit his lucartive job in London with an aim to bring same delicious goodness of organic fruits and vegetables, which kids in Europe consume for our little one here in India. I must say such products are need of the hour for our children.

After spending two years in developing and testing the recipe, they came up with “TINY SPOONS organic purees” which are designed especially for babies, which is combined with the best quality fruits and veggies.


This product is manufactured in world-class, hygienic and sterile facilities situated in the European Union. Being Organic food, all ingredients are first properly scrutinized for their methods and usage of farming material. The ingredients are 100% sourced and prepared in Europe, under the stringent EU-Organic certifications. Impressive isn’t it?


• BPA-free Packaging

• 100% vegetarian products

• Only natural fruits and vegetables are used ingredients in all our products

• No added Salt, added Sugar, added Preservatives, Artificial Flavours, Artificial Colours, Additives, Milk or Milk Products

• Comes with a shelf life of 18 months and can be offered to young ones who are 6 months and above.

Now let’s see the two variants of this product and their health benefits:

  1. Blueberry, Apple, Banana, Strawberry

Made from the delightful combination of Blueberries, Apples, Banana and Strawberries, this puree is prepared with lots of love and from handpicked organic fruits from the farms of Europe. Blueberry contains Vitamin C, Vitamin B-6, Vitamin A, Iron, whereas Apples contain Vitamin C, Fiber, Vitamin A. Banana have more of Vitamin C, Vitamin B-6, Vitamin A and Strawberries contain Vitamin C, Iron, and Calcium.

2. Plums and Prunes

This puree is made by combining two of the most nutritious organic fruits, which are especially handpicked from the farms of Europe. Plums contain Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Fiber, Potassium, whereas Prunes are high on Vitamin K, Vitamin B, Minerals, Fiber and Carbs.

Having worked in pesticide industry for more than a decade now, I always look for organic food product for Candy and with tinyspoons food purees, we know we are in safe hands. With EU certifications and safety checks, the product can be trusted by any parent. Also, It’s easy to carry and can be eaten by a toddler straight from bottle too and that makes it a great and convenient option during outings. Also, they are so delicious that your kid will eat this without throwing any tantrums and grumpiness which they generally show while eating fruits.

Tiny Spoons products can be easily purchased from their website OR from Amazon India

7 features you should check before buying a Stroller

A stroller is a must have piece of baby gear for new parents and it’s kind of three-year investment.It’s needed right from the birth and can be used until baby becomes proficient in walking without any supervision or you can say up to 3 years. There so many variants of strollers available these days and they offer a multitude of features which should be considered before you can finalize the right one for your baby and family (user).

I am listing a 7 important features, you should take in consideration while buying a stroller.

1. Purpose

Are you going to use stroller for regular walks or park visit or just for use during shopping outings or outdoors? For later, you can take umbrella stroller which is more compact and lightweight. For regular use, you may need something which is more sturdy and standard stroller which is large in size but loaded with features is ideal in that case.

2. Safety

 Safety first!

One of the most significant factors to consider while buying a stroller is safety. Check for safety features like five -point restraint, foot brakes which ensure child safety. Do give it a try before buying if you can, unless you are buying it online. In later case do checkout detailed specifications and also read verified buyers reviews.

3. Easy to Maneuver:

A good stroller should be easy to steer and maneuver without much efforts and normal push. You should be comfortable to steer the stroller with your normal stride. Also, it should be easy to move into tight and congested spaces, so look for wheels that swivel.

4. Storage

When you leave home with your baby, you are not leaving alone, you carry so many things along with you like a diaper bag, purse, house keys etc and they are difficult to manage along with a stroller and baby. A stroller with good storage space provides a basket underneath where you can also put some of your shopping items if needed. Also, some space for keeping keys and phones besides a cup holder would be nice to have. My stroller turns into a shopping cart when baby refuses to sit in it!

5. Canopy

An adjustable canopy is a necessary feature to protect baby from sun or even rain.

6. Seating position

If you are buying a stroller immediately after birth, go for a stroller which offers three types of seating position, so it can be used for a longer period. For newborn sleeping position is ideal as they are not able to hold their head, reclining and seating position for ideal for toddlers. Also, do check how wide is the seating, keeping in my mind requirement for your baby and whether the seat is adequately padded. A stroller that can also be used as the car seat is the best choice, invest in a travel system if your budget allows you to do that.

7. The weight of the stroller and one hand fold feature

Do check the weight of the stroller and whether it offers one hand fold feature, so it can be stored conveniently in the back of your car. Don’t invest in a bulky stroller as they are quite difficult to steer/ Lightweight umbrella strollers are ideal for travelling, while standard strollers which offers many features on little heavier side but these days they are also coming in weight range of 9-11kgs which is reasonable and easy to use.


Humptee Dumptee – Best online store for twinning T shirts!

Hello Everyone,

Twinning with your loved one is latest trend these days. We all love to twin in clothing on special occasions or just for some Instagrammable clicks as they make your picture look more attractive, fun and personal. However, it’s not easy to find a trusted brand which provides customized T-shirt of quality which not only looks good but also last long.

Today, I am going to introduce you to an online store Humptee Dumptee which specializes in making fun, witty and quirky T- shirts and they have such a huge collection to choose from that you will be spoilt for the choice. Humptee Dumptee is one of the most trusted brands in this space as they never compromise on customer’s needs and deliver a piece of their heart with each T-shirt. They have best concept T Shirt options for couples, mother-son, father-son, mother-daughter, father – daughter, family sets and also kids wear.

I received these lovely twinning T-shirts for myself and Candy from them for review.

Here is my review of this brand and T shirts we got from them

·         T shirt Material is very comfortable and 100% Cotton.

·         True to their size, so no surprises!. They have options for every age.

·         Pre-Shrunk, 

·         Comfortable Fit with Unique designs and captions

·         A wide range of color option available

·         Very Affordable when it comes to pricing. A twining set is priced at 1199 with free shipping across India

·         Customization option available

You can visit their website on to check their latest collection and don’t forget to take an advantage of ongoing festival sale. I will recommend everyone to try out their fun and interesting collection.

Check their collection now and you can thank me later!

How to make your baby first photo shoot successful and memorable

Getting infant/newborn professional photography for your babies is popular and well known concept in western countries and gaining popularity these days in India as well. I love the concept of infant/newborn photography and specially good for those parents who don’t have time to take out their digital cameras and click their baby or for those who don’t possess those extra ordinary photography skills. Getting numerous pictures through mobile camera is easy but we sure want to capture some candid beautiful shot to be treasured lifelong.

I fall in both the categories so I decided to get Candy’s professional baby shoot done when he was 8 month old and another shoot I did at home with a professional photographer when he was 9 Months old. I really wanted this shoot to happen at his initial months when he was 5-6 months old but due to one reason or other it got postponed but then I had two fantabulous back to back photography sessions for candy and looking into the pictures I got, I am so glad that I get that done.

However, getting your baby ready for a photo shoot is not a cakewalk. It’s an enormous task to make your baby look into the camera when he wants to look everywhere else but camera, when he refuse to smile when you start clicking pictures, when all you get  after an hour of trying some is blurred pictures.

Based on my experience, I am sharing few of the tips which can help you to get the perfect photo shoot of your little one either for professional or at home shoot:

  1. Decide the age for the shoot

Newborn photography is magical. Tiny babies posing for the cameras look out of world and divine. If you are keen for the newborn baby shoot it would be best to book in advance depending on your delivery date. New born shoots are best done in first month of baby and even better in first 15 days of their birth.

If you have missed your baby newborn photoshoot, no worries, you can plan to photograph babies at 5-6 months, because they are so smiley and interactive at that age. You can get the advantage of the fact that they can be kept still at this age so getting pictures would be easy


2. Choosing the right Photographer

I feel that’s the most important aspect for a successful baby Shoot. Before your zero down to photographer, visit their website to have a look at their work and read their client’s testimonials as handling small babies can be tricky and unless you hire an experienced and baby friendly photographer, getting good candid captures might not be easy. Also consider, if they have props or theme based photography available as they make for great photography ideas.


photographer: Mint & Peach Photography, Mumbai Theme : all about me

3.      Location

Newborn shoots are best done indoors or at home as at many places babies are not allowed out of home till 40 days after the Birth. Infant shoot can be done indoor or outdoor. You can decide this based on the weather at the time of shoot and also consider if your baby is conformable indoors or outdoors. Don’t go for a home shoot if your home is too stuffed with things or does not have much empty space for photography.

4.      Pre-plan your shoot

Pre-plan your entire shoot right from the theme of the shoot to clothes to timing of the shoot.  Connect with your photographer to discuss the theme and clothes color which will look better with the theme you have chosen. If you are getting family pictures also which is a must, go for color coordinated or twinning outfits. Keep a spare outfit for your baby, if they spoil the photo shoot outfit as you can never predict with babies.


photographer: Mint & Peach Photography, Mumbai Theme : Little reader

5. Consider comfort of the babies 

As a parent our inclination is always to dress sons and daughters up in the cutest outfits and accessories. Those bowties, hairbands and tutus skirt, however, just might not be comfortable or practical for your baby. 

Choose a comfort clothing for you baby also depending on the weather conditions you are photographing your baby. Keep the baby comfy and a lot of smiles are bound to happen!

6. Choose babies happy time for the shoot

The timing of the photo shoot is very important for it to be successful. Choose a happy time of your babies as the time of the shoot. A photo session during typical naptime or mealtime will hardly ever work. Place a full-bellied and well-rested child in front of the camera and your chances of a successful session greatly increase!


photographer: Mint & Peach Photography, Mumbai Theme : Nautical

Lastly !

7.      Stop stressing

Babies will be babies and for one hour just let them be. Don’t get frustrated if they are not cooperative for the shoot, just relax and enjoy with them Once the parents let go of the stress, the babies tend to relax too.


photographer: Deep Mota Photography, Mumbai 

Hope these tips help you for a Happy and successful baby Shoot !







Review -Soulslings-Full Buckle Soft Structured Carrier (Soul Natura-Standard)

Baby wearing has become a trending phenomenon these days. Though an age old concept, this has now caught fancy of people eyes in recent years  due to comfort it offers and has become immensely popular over the world, India is no exception.

I own two baby carriers one from Chicoo other from Mothercare. We bought them when candy was 3 months old as I travel a lot for office work and baby wearing is very helpful while travelling alone as it keeps you sane when pram or stroller fails to offer any help. Though they are helpful, I always found candy little uncomfortable and reluctant to be worn in them.

I came across Soulslings through their Instagram page. After reading the wonderful reviews,  I had an urge to buy their product but with one roadblock what if candy is not comfortable in this too!

Recently I received a Full Buckle Soft Structured Carrier “Soul Natura” (standard) from Soulslings India as part of their Travelling carrier program and after using this for a week here is my review.


Soulsling is a family-run baby carrier company from Bangalore, India, Soul believes that babywearing can make the world happier, that babywearing has a domino effect. It creates independent, healthy, secure, loving and sensitive people, who then go on to spread these virtues to the next generation.

The Soul Slings full buckle carrier” Soul Natura”  is an SSC (soft structured carrier) made from soft cotton fabric.

Below is my review of this SSC:

  1. Fabric

Soul Full Buckle SSC is extremely lightweight and madeup of 100% woven cotton fabric. The material is breathable and very comfortable for babies. Being made up of cotton fabric, it goes well in every season especially in humid weather of Mumbai it’s a blessing. Being lightweight its gets easily fit in your handbag too which is another winning point.


  1. Super easy to wear

One of the biggest problem I found with other baby carriers is complexity to wear them. With so many buckles and straps to be adjusted I often feel lost how to wear them. It almost feels like a rocket science to me.

Soulsling SCC full buckle carrier is so easy to wear. You need to just fix straps and a waistband and you are done! I was able to wear it on my own without any help looking into their online Demo for the first time. The buckles and straps are sturdy, strong and comfortable to shoulders.


  1. Comfort

The foremost thing which I see while choosing anything for Candy is that he should be comfortable. To my surprise, Soulsling carrier is the first thing he accepted without a fuss, like really. He was happy and comfortable being carried around in Soul carrier.  I used it for my evening walk, shopping outings, doctor visits, Daily chores and he was so comfortable and happy all these time

The padding of this carrier is very light if you compare with other baby carrier like chicoo or mothercare so there is no extra heat to baby that’s a real plus. It distributes the weight of the baby evenly on your own body and can be worn in front and back carries. Candy felt so comfy in them that he slept in no time after vaccination, Sleepy dust they really are!


  1. Travel friendly

Candy is not a pram friendly baby and even if we take strollers during our shopping outings, we end up carrying him in our arms for hours. Soulsling carrier worked as a life savior in our shopping outings. Also, when you travel in auto babywearing is the best option as stroller don’t fit in autos. Being of the compact size they easily fit into your diaper bags too!

  1. Can be customised for breastfeeding

Being a work from home mom I always look for time saving in daily chores and attending candy. The carrier can be used for breastfeeding on the go. So, while I did my daily chores he was nursing happily in the carrier, saved a lot of time for me.

  1. PRICE

This carrier is reasonably priced at Rs. 5750 /- Which is value for money taking into consideration above points

Why I would suggest to buy Soulsling Full Buckle SCC:

  • Its made of cotton material while most other carriers like chicco, babyhug, mothercare (which I have used) and available in departmental stores are made of non cotton material which babies don’t find comfortable most of the time.
  • They are easy to be worn and can be worn without any help, so best for a solo outing. Helped me a lot during my solo outings with doctors and shopping, and I managed him very well alone, thanks to this carrier.
  • They are compact and sturdy at the same time. Fits easily into bags.
  • They keep your hands free while you carry baby. You can also do other work on the go, multitasking!.
  • You get variety of color combination and prints to choose to match your style quotient unlike monotonous baby carrier available in market. They keep coming with new patterns and colors and honestly, I love them all!
  • Last but most important Candy loved it and yeah, I Loved it too!

For all the mommies or to be mommies who are looking to buy a good baby carrier, Soul is the best and most apt option for all the above reasons.

Do check out their website and you can find a variety of carriers in bright, soothing colors and prints that you just can’t be satisfied in one! Check their website for a variety of Ring Slings, Full buckle, Annona, Onbuhimo, Wraps and SSSC and you can thank me later!

So what are you waiting for,  head to their website now and choose your favorite!